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Our C.L.I.M.B Academy safety training system teaches fundamental principles of using Step Ladders, Extension Ladders, Rolling Warehouse Ladders, Rolling Tower Scaffolding, and Aluminum Walk Boards. The training is designed to help you choose the right ladder for the job, show you how to properly setup your ladder, how to correctly use your ladder, and includes other vauluable ladder safety information. With C.L.I.M.B you will:

  • Choose the right equipment

  • Look for damage or missing parts

  • Insure a safe setup

  • Move safely, always using 3 points of contact

  • Be a climbing safety expert, not a statistic

Download the C.L.I.M.B Academy Handbook. In addition to the C.L.I.M.B Academy safety training, Louisville Ladder will happily conduct free ladder condition assessments and ladder use audits for your company. Many customers have benefited from these free assessments by avoiding OSHA fines and helping to prevent ladder-related accidents.

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